Sainte Chapelle


The building of the Sainte Chapelle - which stands on the Ile de la Cité and was built on a lower chapel, serving as parish church for the inhabitants of the royal palace - was stared in order to house the precious relics that the devout King Louis had recollected and even bought during his lifetime, such as Christ's crown of thorns and the image of Edessa. No wonder than, that this man of state was later granted sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church! Since no designer/builder is directly mentioned in the archives, one can only guess about the architect, even though the name of Pierre de Montreuil often comes out. The church suffered bad damages during the French revolution - when even the relics were stolen - and was restored some decennia later, on the original drawings. At the time of its building anyhow, the Chapelle was one of the best examples of rayonnante period in the Gothic architecture. Its stained glasses are impressive.





Sainte Chapelle 6 boulevard du Palais
75001 Paris, France

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